China exports Indonesia's largest tonnage all ground crane! Zoomlion's 600-ton equipment was successfully delivered

publication date:2024-4-11

△ Zoomlion delivery industry exports Indonesia’s largest tonnage all-ground crane

The customer of this delivery is a well-known heavy construction machinery and equipment leasing company in Indonesia, which has participated in the construction of major projects such as the Jakarto-Bandung high-speed rail, the Hyundai Park in South Korea and the Tangu Natural gas liquefaction Park in Papua. Customers highly recognized Zoomlion’s products and services, and at the delivery ceremony, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, opening a closer cooperation relationship.

“Zoomlion will continue to uphold its technical advantages and professional services, provide customers with more innovative and efficient solutions in the Indonesian market, and promote the development of Indonesia’s hoisting industry.” Zoomlion engineering crane company relevant person said. In July last year, Zoomlion 500-ton products were delivered to the local, becoming the largest tonnage all-ground crane exported by the industry to Indonesia, and this new industry record is another important breakthrough driven by the overseas business system based on “end-to-end, digital and localization”.

△ Zoomlion delivery industry exports Indonesia’s largest tonnage all-ground crane

Indonesia is an important strategic market for Zoomlion in Southeast Asia. Zoomlion has continuously explored, seized opportunities and in-depth layout in Indonesia. At present, Zoomlion has established a perfect marketing network and service spare parts system, and the market share of construction crane products ranks first, especially in the field of large-tonnage cranes, which has become the preferred brand in the eyes of Indonesian industry customers.

In recent years, Zoomlion’s overseas business has flourished and hit new highs. According to the 2023 annual report, Zoomlion’s overseas revenue increased by more than 79.2% year-on-year, overseas business grew strongly, key markets achieved effective breakthroughs, key countries localization development strategy achieved remarkable results, and product market share increased rapidly.