China Machinery is professional providing Chinese machinery popular brands to overseas customers, and provide a variety of different solutions to find more high-quality machinery products. Our cooperative manufacturers include XCMG ZOOMLION SANY SHANTUI LIUGONG SEM HAITUI SINOTRUK SHACMAN, etc. Our products include loaders, truck cranes, road rollers, ground scrapers, excavators, concrete pumps, concrete mixers, etc. A dump truck. Generators and so on, the products are exported to Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other countries and regions.

The purpose of China machinery network is to sell to direct users, direct delivery of Chinese factories, avoid local dealers, save the purchase of funds, and can objectively analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each brand of machinery, so as to facilitate customers to make the right choice.

China Machinery network and manufacturers cooperate, has a perfect spare parts system, can provide perfect spare parts service, some special problems can also coordinate manufacturers to send engineers to solve. So choose China machinery to China machinery network, is your best choice.