Another record! XCMG’s largest crawler crane exported to the Philippines set sail

publication date:2024-3-27

On the morning of March 9, the XLC17000 crawler crane export to the Philippine market, XCMG grand launching ceremony was held. The delivery of crawler crane maximum lifting capacity of 1250 tons, after the opening will become the country’s largest mobile crane tonnage. At the launching ceremony, a long line of trucks loaded with 1,250 tons of crawler crane main engine, jib, crawler and other product parts filed out from the XCMG crawler crane industrial base to the loading dock, the scene was spectacular.

After crossing the sea, the equipment will be involved in the Philippine market key construction projects. This marks the second time XCMG has broken the local crane tonnage record after delivering 800-ton crawler cranes to the Philippine market in 2019, it is also a strong proof of the sound development of XCMG industry, quality upgrading and the practice of international strategic transformation!

XLC17000 crawler crane is the flagship product in XCMGThousand-ton Crane family. In addition to the super-strong lifting operation capability, this product also carries the intelligent lifting and a number of safety protection technologies, including intelligent path planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent guidance, intelligent hook dynamic anti-swing and other“Black Technology.”. At the same time, the product is equipped with a spacious, open cab, effectively reduce the difficulty of operation, improve the product’s functionality and comfort. Prior to this, the product outstanding completion of the“World’s highest” 185-meter mixed tower fan installation, super strength by the global industry is highly concerned.

In the Philippines, XCMG series crawler crane products outstanding performance commendable, XCMG products, represented by crawler cranes, have played an important role in various major construction projects, such as local energy and mineral cooperative development, port terminals, industrial projects, infrastructure construction, etc. , XCMG has been the first mobile crane export share in the Philippine market for three consecutive years and is the preferred brand for local construction machinery customers.

In recent years, XCMG has been focusing on the“Internationalization” strategy, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the“Five modernizations” of the industry, continuously enhancing product quality and technological innovation, and providing high-end, customized solutions, greatly enhance the convenience of product assembly, handling comfort and lifting, to fully meet the diverse needs of global customers. Regional Initiative, into the construction of a more complete global sales and service network for countries to provide complete xugong construction solutions, is playing an important role in helping global customers to success.