1 Is the construction machinery purchased from here reliable

The machinery provided by China Construction Machinery network is manufactured from Chinese factories and shipped directly from the factory to the port. We provide videos and photos before delivery, and support third-party inspection.

2 Is it cheap to buy Chinese construction machinery from here

China construction machinery network and the factory talked about the lowest price, no middlemen, avoiding the increase of overseas agents, sure that the price is the most appropriate

3 Which brand of Chinese construction machinery do I choose

If you have a recognized brand, you can directly choose to buy, if you do not know how to choose, we will recommend according to the advantages of each brand, the country and the convenience of accessories

4 Can I enjoy after-sales service when I buy here?

Yes, of course. China Construction Machinery Network provides a one-year quality guarantee and provides replacement spare parts service.

5 I didn’t buy the construction machinery here, can I buy the corresponding parts here

China construction machinery network only provides machine services, but also provides spare parts services for global customers, no matter where you buy the machine, you can buy the most favorable price of spare parts here

6 What information is required to purchase construction machinery here

 Before purchasing construction machinery, please provide the country you use after purchasing construction machinery, we recommend the configuration according to the national requirements, and also see whether the need for certification, there are no exclusive agent restrictions.

7 Whether the construction machinery products not available on the website can also be sold

Yes, we are in China, and all the construction machinery manufacturers have maintained a good relationship as long as you provide the corresponding model brand, we can help you get a good price

8 What is the lead time?

Under normal circumstances, we need to customize production, the delivery time is generally about 15-45 days, according to different products, but some best-selling models will be in stock, can be delivered immediately.