TY230-3 Bulldozer

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TY230-3 bulldozer is semi-rigid suspended, total hydraulic controlled and hydrnamic driving bulldozer, equipped with new model Cummins engine, three-element torque converter, single lever operation planetary gear transmission. Integrality injection molding plastics instrument panel, fully sealed shock absorption hexahedron cabin, the comfortabol system designed according to human and machine engineering; Undercarriage system with split-type fightening spring case structure makes the assembly and maintenance easy and convenient. The whole machine is with the advantage of powerful, high efficiency, excellent performance, and economical efficiency etc. Optianal equipments include U-blade, angle blade handling blade, single and three shanks ripper, ROPS, centralization lubrication, and track aytomatically tightening system. It is the best choice for desert, oil fields, mines, electricity and sanitation construction projects.